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Well another one of my adventures took me to yet another place I’ve never been. This time Madison, WI was up to be graced with my presence. A business trip took me to the lovely Madison, Wisconsin, population less than 300,000. This was a big change from the 5.7 million people that Atlanta host. If I can be honest for a minute it was a nice change to take 10 minutes to get everywhere and 20 minutes in traffic. Comical to an Atlanta native who knows that anything less than 30 minutes of traffic is God sent. Of course while in Wisconsin I had to try their cheese. Wisconsin is known for their long history of cheese production so I wasn’t leaving the state without trying ever type of cheese I could. One night some co-workers and I made it our mission to try out a local place to get cheese curds, and we did just that. After talking to some local’s two places kept coming up, The Old Fashioned and Tipsy Cow. We went to The Old Fashioned (which will be in a later blog) first and the hour wait quickly made the decision to go to Tipsy Cow very easy. I was a little skeptical to try a place called Tipsy Cow, but really what did I have to loose.
Tipsy Cow 8

Tipsy Cow is located in Downtown Madison (which is extremely cute) surrounded by the cities beautiful architecture, a host of other restaurants, and The University of Wisconsin-Madison. We entered the restaurant and before we could even sit down good my co-worker and friend Tracey Flowers (hey Tracey!) could not get the word buffalo cheese curds out of her mouth fast enough. We shared the buffalo cheese curds for the table, and oh were they delicious! I couldn’t believe I had been missing out on all of this good cheese action in Wisconsin.

Tipsy Cow 2Buffalo Cheese Curds

Our server was awesome even though I forget his name (his picture will be inserted below).Tipsy Cow 3 Our awesome server!

I ordered the Tipsy Burger (Two 1/4 pound Knoche’s Market patties, 3-yr cheddar, onion, Widmer’s brick, Nueske’s bacon, tipsy sauce & Mike’s pickles), doesn’t it sound delicious.Tipsy Cow 5Tipsy Burger

I also ordered the Carnitas Fries (With housemade slow-cooked pork, pico di gallo, sour cream, green onion & queso fresco), did I forget to mention that they come in a half order as well which is exactly what I got.Tipsy Cow 4Carnitas Fries

Some other ladies at the table ordered the Guacamole Burger, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and the Blue Cheese & Bacon Fries.

Tipsy Cow 7The lovely Tracey Ann! 

Needless to say I was stuffed and more than satisfied with my meal. This is a super cool brewpub located in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin that offers great service, great prices, a great atmosphere and even better food. I was blown away by the food especially since my search was only for cheese curds! If you’re looking for a late night fix this is your place. They make being cheesy easy (thanks Christy!) You’ll go for the cheese curds and stay for everything else.

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