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After several failed attempts to get to this local gem, I finally made it Wednesday night before bible study. My lovely friend Toya accompanied me to Sweet Potato Café in Stone Mountain, GA. I peeked at the café from inside of my car confused on whether I was at the right place. From the outside Sweet Potato Café looks like a 1960’s house with its large patio, wind chimes, and of course the southern staple rocking chairs; once inside it proved to be just that.  We were promptly greeted by a server and taken to our seats.

Exterior of the Sweet Potato Cafe in Stone Mountain GeorgiaCourtesy of: 2014 Carmen K. Sisson/Cloudybright

I was beyond starving so a quick look over the menu was all I needed to make a decision. I opted for the Fried Green Tomatoes (because why wouldn’t I) and the plain Sweet Potato. Toya ordered the Black Bean Burger.  The Fried Green Tomatoes came out first and I had my first bite making me reluctant to share with Toya (but I did after a lot of coercion, and the subtle hint of the sever bringing out two sharing plates). The Fried Green Tomatoes were more than I could ask for. Four Fried Green Tomatoes come with an order that is topped with a black-eyed pea relish and sweet potato compote. The tomatoes were fried perfectly and the contrast between the relish and the sweet potato compote made for a sweet and savory mix.

Fried Green TomatosFried Green Tomatoes with Black Eyed Pea Relish and Sweet Potato Compote

The plain Sweet Potato was topped with cinnamon and butter and came with a nice house salad. The sweet potato was sizeable to say the least, as was the house salad. By the time I ate those three dishes I was ready to cozy up on one of the couches located in Sweet Potato Café’s foyer.SaladPlain Sweet Potato with House Salad

Toya, who opted for the Black Bean Burger nearly inhaled it and boasted about how amazing the sandwich was. It came with provolone cheese, sautéed onions and cilantro aioli and a side of sweet potato fries.

Photo 4 Sweet Potato CafeShe likes to write on her hand for memory purposes

Overall, Sweet Potato Café is a winner in my book and I can’t wait to come back and try a few other menu items that I have my eye on. Prices are reasonable with the menu items ranging from $6-16. If you love all things sweet potato (or even if you don’t), understand that Sweet Potato Café takes their potatoes seriously. A trip to this intimate and cozy local gem is worth the try. For more information check out their website: www.thesweetpotatocafe.net

Have you tried Sweet Potato Cafe? What are some of your favorite hidden gems?

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