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Because why would I turn down Tex-Mex food. After a long day at work a good friend of mines Quanishe (Heyyyyy Q) invited me to dinner. We decided on Big Kahuna in Downtown Atlanta. It’s conveniently located near the Peachtree Center Train Station (and they validate parking). Let me start with the disclaimer that I am very loyal to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurants. However, I’m always willing to venture out to expand my favorites list. Big Kahuna is definitely hidden and requires a bit of navigation (even for this Atlanta Native). After being unashamedly lost in the parking deck for 5-7 minutes, I finally ran into Big Kahuna. The interior decor was creative and bold. Right in the center of the restaurant is a huge surfer statute dangling from the ceiling. There were also a few large flat-screen TV’s placed throughout the restaurant that could cater to the sports crowd staying in neighboring hotels.Big Kahuna 1Pretty cool conversation piece

Q ordered the Shrimp Wahoo Taco and the Chicken Acapulco Taco. She raved about both tacos and how well seasoned they were, and not too overwhelming with the sauces.

Big Kahuna 3Shrimp Wahoo Taco and the Chicken Acapulco Taco

Since quesadillas are extremely hard to mess up (although I have seen it happen), I went the traditional route and got a shrimp quesadilla. The portion size was good, as it came with four pieces. It also came with sour cream, salsa and of course pico de gallo. Side note: If a Mexican restaurant messes up a quesadilla they automatically go on my “Never Again” List. The food took a while to come out, but overall the server was attentive.Big Kahuna 2Shrimp Quesadilla

Big Kahuna does offer a Happy Hour from 4:00-6:30 daily. Overall, Big Kahuna is a good spot to try, right in the city, that isn’t overcrowded (or turn into a club like most Atlanta restaurants). If you are looking for a casual Tex-Mex restaurant in Downtown Atlanta that’s decently priced, has a unique atmosphere, and a large menu selection, Big Kahuna is worth a try.

What is your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant? Have you been to Big Kahuna?

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